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The I Hate Math Club

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The I Hate Math Club was especially formed to express our frustrations over math. Math can be very useful...until you learn that f(x) does nothing for you. Now, don't get us wrong, we understand that math is a part of everyday life. But it gets rediculous when you have to divide polynomials and find the measure of a hypotenuse.

I mean, who really cares about how to factor a polynomial? "Will I be doing this in the future?" you ask youself. Most likely, no. The only jobs that may use this are teachers, mathematicians or some kind of job that requires extensive math!! And anyone who would put themselves through that hell should seriously reconsider!

Now, if you find yourself sitting at home on a Tuesday night, slaving over your math homework, look us up for support!! We are all haters of math, and in this club, there is an escape! Don't fall for the old "you'll need this in the future," schpeal. We all know you won't. So arithmitic is needed, but everything else is a waste of time! So sign up! Be a hater!


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Math can rot in hell.